The Newest Generation of the popular Kindle reader from Amazon is now here! Kindle readers can browse, shop, download and read all tyoes of ebooks, magazines newspapers, online material such as blogs and other digital media with the Kindles wireless network. The current Kindles are now better than ever. The hardware for the Kindle was originally introduced by Amazon in 2007 and the larger screen Kindle DX in 2009. In late 2011 devices such as the Kindle keyboard, touch screens, the Kindle Fire tablet computer with color display and the economically priced on screen Kindle keyboard model were announced and are all currently available.

The Kindle is truly revolutionizing the way people read! The incredible increase in popularity of the Kindle means that many retailers, offline as well as online, are selling this very popular wireless reading device.  Kindles on sale can be obtained from many sources but prior to making your purchasing decision you should learn enough about Kindles to make a wise purchase choice.

If you are looking for a brand new kindle or a used, refurbished one, or any model of a Kindle on sale there are lots of goods deals to be found.

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Prior to purchasing a Kindle on sale you want to select the model that is best for you. The most current Amazon Kindle is the fourth generation. When shopping for Kindles on sale you will encounter these several models:

The Kindle WiFi with a 6 inch display screen is the least expensive option. It is small and light, weighing less tha 6 onces. It is still loaded with great features – enough storage capacity for up to 1400 books, light weight, sleekly designed, outstanding high  contrast E-ink viewing screen with Pearl technology, built in WiFi technology and an enhanced PDF reader. Overall the Kindle is an outstanding ebook reader and easy beats its competitors on price, functionality and convenience.


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The Kindle Touch 3G + WiFi includes all of the above features plus if has the benefit of global 3G coverage. This enables you to download books in less the one minute from where anywhere you happen to be. This 3G wireless feature has no additional cost as there is no contract and no monthly fee. This model also has Whispersync technology that allows you to access various books across different devices and always keeps your place for you.

The Kindle DX is a device that is a bit larger. It has a 9.7 inch diagonal E-Ink screen. I has all of the features included in the Kindle 3G + WiFi model but the larger  size makes it well suited for reading textbooks, magazines and graphic rich material. Items a such as maps, newspaper, tables and graphs work very well this model. Many people love the fact that the screen is slightly larger.

Kindles On Sale – Why is Everybody Talking about the Amazon Kindle?

There is no question about it – the Amazon Kindle wireless reading device is definitely the most popular electronic reading device available. Because of their popularity it seems that just about everybody is looking to find Kindles on sale. But what makes it head and  shoulders above other electronic reading devices? Why does it remain Amazon’s best selling product with an exceptional number of 5 star reviews? What is the best way to buy Kindles on sale?

Kindles on saleThe Amazon Kindle is available in two models. These are the Kindle WiFi and the Kindle WiFi 3G + WiFi. Being reasonably priced, these devices easily outperform items  from their competition.
There is also the Kindle DX. This is a larger model of the Kindle 3G + WiFi and it is designed to allow reading of magazines, tables, charts, maps and newspapers.

But just why are Kindles so popular?


Your reading items can be bought and then downloaded wirelessly from your kindle with standard WiFi or Amazon’s 3G Whispersync network. This means that you do not need access to  a computer to obtain what you want, which is usually the case with other ebook reading devices.  Also there are no additional fess or monthly charges to use the Amazon  Whispersync network.

Quality of the Kindle Screen

The high contrast E-ink Kindle screen uses Pearl technology which provides the clearest and sharper images available on the market. It is considered superior quality when compared LCD  screens. The 6 inch size screen (or the 9.7 inch size on the DX model) is quite easy to read, easy on the eyes, and can be viewed well in various conditions such as  bright sun and there is not glare.


Kindles are light weight at only 8.7 ounces. The thickness is about one third of an inch. Use of the Kindle is comfortable and allows the reader to use it for long periods of time with no discomfort. The convenience and ease of carrying a Kindle make it a simple yet highly effective and efficient reader.kindles on sale

The Kindle DX model is sightly larger but it is well designed for reading magazines, newspaper, maps and textbooks. It is viewable in either a portrait or landscape view.

Battery Life

The Kindle comes with a new Li-Plymor 1750mAh battery that will provide one full month of reading time. This will vary depending on usage and if the WiFi or 3G  features. The is a very useful battery indicator which provides ample notice to charge up the Kindle’s battery.

Battery life on the Kindle DX model is somewhat less and this also varies with the amount of use of the WiFi and 3G connections.

It usually takes about one hour to completely charge the Kindle battery. The battery charger is included with the Kindle which is more convenient then some other readers.  For example the Sony PRS models require a USB connection to a computer.

The Kindle Store

Ebooks for your Kindle can be obtained from The Kindle Store.  They are not available from other sources such as Waterstones or WHSmith.

Along with having Kindles on sale, the Kindle Store at Amazon host the largest selection of books online and has some very competitive prices. They regularly match the price of other bookstores and are often 10 to 25  percent lower in price.

A great convenience is that the books can be downloaded right away to your Kindle and this takes less then one minute!  Many competitive reading devices require you to  use a computer to obtain the material and then download it to your reading device. With your Kindle you will be reading your new book in no time!

Great Extra Features

An outstanding and unique feature to the Kindle is the Text-to Speech feature. This allows any English language content to be read out load to you in its audio format.  This is a wonderful feature and is only available with a Kindle. This is great while driving! You can turn your computing time into your reading time!

Kindle also have introduced a web browser to allow easy access the internet from any WiFi location. This is a new feature which is expected to be developed more in the  future.

The Kindle uses Whispersync technology which allows you to read your Kindle books not only on your Kindle but also on your iPhone, iPad, PC, MAC, Android device  and Blackberry. The technology will sync your reading place on these devices so it is simple to start reading again from where you left off.


The popularity of the Kindle wireless reading device is obvious by the record breaking sales of the reading device. Along with the Kindle’ s many features the 3G connection is a big plus that provides people with the ability to buy books anytime and from anywhere. It is easy, simple and very convenient.

In addition the Kindle Wireless Reading Device is priced very competitively.  You will regulary locate Kindles on sale at these prices:  $139 for the WiFi model, $189 for the WiFi model and $379 for the Kindle DX . At these prices there is no wonder so many people agree that the Amazon Kindle is a great choice!

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kindles on saleOnce you have come to the decision to purchase a Kindle the next question is  – where is the best place to get  kindles on sale? As with most shopping online, purchasing Kindles on sale can be as simple as a few clicks of your mouse.

Ever since Kindles were first introduced a few offline retailers have begun to carry Kindles. The majority of these dealers also have an online options as well. The good  news is that this competition helps make price comparison an easy thing to do.

Along with the reasonable prices, there are some other significant factors to consider when purchasing Kindles on sale. It make good sense to stick with a reliable and reputable  dealer. Kindles on sale should offer:

  • timely, hassle free delivery of your purchase.
  • competitive pricing
  • good customer service (in the event you have an issue to deal with)

You should also watch out for added costs like shipping and handling fees. Occasionally a headline will grab your attention with a great price but later you find the deal is not so sweet when all the costs are added on. You may find Kindles on sale a a good price only to learn later that the added fees mean you end up spending more then you should.

Also when making any online purchase of Kindles on sale it is a good idea to read the vendor’s return/refund policy and any other legal terms. These should be easily found on the site  you purchase from.

People who decide to buy a Kindle have a good place to get all the accessories that they may need. The Kindle Store carries a wide range of cover, skins, chargers, etc. Everything you may need ~ and of course lots of great reading material!

Many people who are searching for a Kindles on sale may find that they also have an interest in the additional features that are found on the Amazon Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire is taking the tablet world by storm and it may prove to be the item that you want. Be sure to check it out.

To help you find the best deal for Kindles on sale we have done some research for you and located the best prices for new and used Kindle for sale form the best available dealers.

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